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Since 1975 American Vision Gallery has been one of the pioneers in selling fine art prints, posters and paintings featuring African American themes and works by African American artists.

New! “The Presidents”, a novel patriotic painting by Carl Braude of the 44 Presidents of the United States. A composite of the 44 United States Presidents posing on the White House lawn, including our new President Barack Obama.

About Barack Obama

Barack Hussein Obama is the first African-American to be elected President of the United States.

He was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii to a Kenyan father and an American mother. In 1967, Barack Obama moved to Jakarta with his mother and stepfather and at the age of ten he returned to Hawaii to live with his maternal grandparents.

Obama studied at Occidental College in Los Angeles and graduated from Columbia University in New York in 1983 with a degree in political science. He later attended Harvard Law School, and was elected the first African–American editor of the Harvard Law Review.

Before winning the Illinois State Senate race in 1996 from the south side Chicago neighborhood of Hyde Park, Barack Obama worked as a community organizer, a civil rights attorney and also taught at the University of Chicago Law School. He was elected to the U.S. Senate in November 2004.

Obama’s first book, published in 1995, is an autobiography – Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance. He won a Grammy for the audio version of the book. His second book, The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream, was published in October 2006

On January 20, 2009 Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in to office as the 44th President of the United States. This historic event was the largest inaugural celebration in the history of our country.

Paris Takes Down ‘Love Locks’ From Pont des Arts

lovelocksA heartbreaking news shattered lovers throughout the globe, as their symbolically tied love lock is probably one among the estimated 1 million Paris love locks unlatched from the French capital’s Pont des Arts bridge.

It seems that Parisians have lost affection for coldly ending the romantic affair between the City of Amour and padlocks, as announced by Paris deputy mayor in charge of cultural heritage Bruno Julliard. He further stated that they spoil the aesthetics of the bridge, and adversely affects its structure and presents the risk of accidents. Though it appears utterly unsentimental, it was undeniably necessary to take them down and the practice of fixing locks immediately stopped.

American tourist Cathy Hominage was caught by surprise, arriving at the bridge only to find out that it’s been closed. Moreover, by the fact that it’s illegal to follow the recent tradition of tying your love lock onto the Pont des Arts then ultimately throwing the key deep into the Seine at the heart of the city. The massive weight has posed a threat to some of the most iconic monuments, wherein an exquisite railing that dates back to 1804 actually collapsed in the past year on account of 45 tonnes of padlocks.

For all we know, love is kind and it is not self-seeking, rather it always protects and trusts. Therefore for the greater good, the love locks that have weighed down the bridge had to be removed. But the hopes of many has not bulged a bit, for droves of passionate people still manage to find a way. Besides, their own locks can be kept and put to good use without causing any harm. The closest you can get now is to take a selfie (which was not initially accepted by many) amidst a backdrop of panels of timeless Paris love locks, but is constantly gaining fame as a new beginning. Love indeed never fails!

Image source: Reuters

Paris Unfastens ‘Love Locks’ to Preserve Historic Bridge

bridgesThe Passerelle des Arts, or Pont des Arts bridge in Paris crosses the Seine surrounded by a spectacular view. The perfect spot for lovers to declare their undying love. The very same place where countless couples tied their love locks onto the first iron bridge ever built in France, then romantically threw the key into the river to be swallowed into the eternity beneath its pristine waters. The removal of love locks struck the lovestruck and all people passionate about the famous city.

Too much love has overwhelmed Paris, made evident by a metal grille on the side of Pont des Arts that has collapsed last year. It stood strong since 1804 and one side broke down due to the astounding amount of love locks it held. They counted close to a million padlocks and weighed around 45 tonnes!

Hence, Paris deputy mayor Bruno Julliard announced that “It’s the end of the padlocks,” and so they were painstakingly removed. This had to be implemented for a myriad of reasons, negatively affecting the aesthetics, structure, security and safety of pedestrians on the bridge and boats that travel in the river.

Love can conquer all. People may feel disheartened upon learning that the bridge has been closed and you can no longer put your own lock, but are free to take selfies with their lover, friends, and family. A panel of beautiful love locks create the scenery and the rest of the bridge is kept intact. Care and respect for heritage is observed, while everyone can express their fervency in a different way within one of the most romantic and loveliest places on earth.

The removal of love locks may have broken hearts and faded the beautiful symbol of eternal love, but does not in any way mean that the unending love of couples for one another ends as well. Despite this occurrence, the ardour of tourists for the City of Love remains unsurpassable. Love locks remain a priceless treasure that apparently has many other purposes apart from being tied on a bridge.

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Does High Blood Pressure Prevent Me from Having Dental implants?

hypertensionBefore undergoing any dental procedure, it is important to know the effect of preexisting conditions. One of these conditions is high blood pressure. A person is said to have high blood pressure when the blood flowing in the arteries has a constant rise in blood pressure. The condition is commonly known as hypertension. Hypertension limits your heart from effectively pumping blood to your body. High blood pressure can be severe if not controlled. It may lead to other chronic conditions.

How will I know if I have hypertension?

Regular checkups are required to diagnose hypertension because, in most cases, hypertension does not have any symptoms. Your heart has two rhythms that are used in the measurement of blood pressure. They are known as systole and diastole. Systolic pressure is the measured when the heart contracts and pumps blood to other body parts. Diastolic pressure is the pressure when the heart relaxes allowing blood to fill its chambers. A normal pressure range is 120-139mmHg for systole and 80-89mmHg for diastole. Above these values, you are considered as hypertensive or at a risk of having hypertension.

What are the risk factors for hypertension?

No one can fully explain the cause of hypertension. However, a wide range of products has been shown to predispose you to hypertension. Common risk factors include smoking, high salt intake, sedentary lifestyle, kidney disorders, age, some medications, stress, lack of essential minerals in the body, disease as well as genetics. Prevention can be achieved by avoiding the risk factors as well as close monitoring of your blood pressure with guidance from your doctor.

Dental implants and hypertension- What should I know?

Hypertension should not stop you from having dental implants. However, before any dental procedure take a step and tell your hypertension history. This will guide your dentist on medications to use and procedure to follow. Some medications may worsen your hypertension. He should be careful while prescribing anesthesia and drugs that you take home. Sometimes anxiety and stress before the dental procedure may make your blood pressure to rise. In such circumstances take your hypertensive pills before undergoing the procedure.